Cost Savings

Saving Salons Money

One normal cotton towel costs a salon 28p this includes, washing, drying, detergents, staffing, buying and replacing. The great news is that HDS Eco Disposable Towels cost more than 50% LESS!

The cost to a salon using cotton towels is much more than you may of thought. If you factor in the cost of buying cotton towels every few years, buying and replacing washing machines and dryers more frequently than usual, paying detergent costs and last but certainly not least the cost of energy used to wash and dry a load of laundry.

The University of Southampton calculated the cost of each cotton towel used at 28p, HDS Eco Towels begin from 14p per towel and that is without all the time and effort spent doing laundry! Also salons which use HDS Eco Towels benefit from better hygiene practice as cotton towels should be washed at 90 degrees to kill all micro organisms, this frequently does not happen in salons and if it did the cost to the salon would be increased dramatically by using cotton towels.

Its also a great feeling to know you are saving energy and the environment by using Disposable Towels in your Salon.