How Do Disposable Towels Help The Environment?

Single use towels, also known as eco towels can be used to replace regular salon towels but encompass many benefits for the environment as they do not require a washing machine or dryer. Eliminating the need for electrical appliances can help salons to save money on their water and energy bills, as well as conserving vital resources such as water and fossil fuels. Once the towel has been used and comes to the end of its life it can be disposed of, and surprisingly after twelve weeks in compost conditions the towel will break down and biodegrade. This life cycle is much shorter and less harmful to the environment, when comparing it to a washing machine and a dryer that can leak dangerous substances if disposed of incorrectly as well as depleting vital resources.

Single use towels are also ten times more absorbent than regular towels and recent research suggests that they can reduce a stylist’s blow drying time by up to 40%. This is great for stylists and the environment as a reduction in blow drying time can reduce the salons energy consumption and bills. The frequency of washing traditional, non-disposable towels uses electricity due to the use of electrical appliances that are required such as the washing machine and dryer. Heating water to wash the salon towels at a sufficient temperature is also very energy intensive.

Once used, the towels can be put into compost and will biodegrade in eight to twelve weeks, which leaves no impact upon the environment. However we encourage the re-use of towels once they have been used on clients before disposal. They are great for cleaning and buffing the mirrors in the salon which saves lots of time trying to get a streak free finish! Some salons donate them to local wormeries, botanic gardens or local allotment schemes as it makes a great compost (along with old hair clippings too).

As the towels are highly absorbent they have also been donated to local mechanics who use them to absorb the oil. Some salons encourage their clients to take them home to use on their own mirrors, in their own compost or as a handy lining for hanging baskets. The re-use of the towels helps to save resources and spread benefits throughout the local community. They are 100% biodegradable which benefits the environment when comparing them to plastic capes which can take centuries to break down. They can be used during colouring services which prevents salon towels from stains and discolouration, as well as reducing energy and water consumption.